19.11.2014 09:54

Here you can find cross results of GMs and IMs tournaments of the Vasylyshyn Memorial - 2014. In this tournament will participate players from Germany, Poland, Russia, India, Turkey, Ukraine.

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Lviv chess history : Gallery : Kart - 85 : New images
21.06.2014 04:55
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25.02.2014 02:09

Vovk Yuri said: "Why I really love this game it's a nice educative example how even a low number of well-coordinated pieces can launch a powerful attack on opponent's king". This game confirms Yuri Vovk to be a strong attacking player.

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09.02.2014 20:29

I want to share with you my last game from Czech Open 2013 against Viktor Laznicka. Before the last round we were in totally different psychological states. I had 6.5 out of 8 winning 5 last games in a row and my opponent won his first 4 games and then played all the draws. So I was more than sure that he would play for a win, because 6.5 points do not promise much in this huge open. On the other hand I wouldn't mind against a draw though to be honest I wanted to take revenge for my loss against Viktor in European Championship, where he had beaten me quite badly with black.

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03.02.2014 00:57

Chess is considered to be not suitable for TV format. Ivanchuk refutes this postulate. His true love for chess is touching audience, his emotions are inimitable, and beauty of his games is incredible. Vasilly Ivanchuk presents lecture in English, besides he knows Spanish, German, Polish, Turkish, he also started to learn Portuguese. Ivanchuk still has youth desire to learn everything around and seek answers for most challenging question. Perhaps, that is the main lesson we can take from him!

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14.12.2013 22:42
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Here you can find cross results of GMs and IMs tournaments of the Vasylyshyn Memorial - 2013. In this tournament will participate players from India, Moldova, France, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, Ukraine.

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16.10.2013 15:52

Winning the championship of Ukraine in 2013 was the biggest success in the career of Yuriy Kryvoruchko. He managed to score 7.5 out of 11 in the round robin with an average rating 2653. Yuri commented his best game against Martyn Kravtsiv from the memorable championship.

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24.09.2013 23:37
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Grandmaster lost decisive game in 19 moves! What happened? Read here about plans of play with isolated pawn, psychology of decisive game, review of the tournament in Dresden in analysis game by Oleksienko.

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16.07.2013 21:44

Interview with legendary Ukrainian grandmaster Oleg Romanishin by Angelmann, courtesy of www.Scacchierando.net. I hope that a few relevant pictures and games I added, will enrich the original. Highly recommended!

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05.06.2013 08:33

"Ivanchuk is a first class chess player. For instance, Gelfand and Topalov aren't such. Aronian is close to that but yet he hasn't entered that caste. Ivanchuk continues the tradition of the outstanding players who didn't become world champions, such were Keres, Korchnoi. Moreover, he even surpasses them in certain components as he for instance, overtook me and Karpov in the tournaments, while those mentioned before haven't outstripped the star players of those times.". Garry Kasparov

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Here you can find cross results of GMs and IMs tournaments of the Vasylyshyn Memorial - 2012. In this tournament will participate players from Armenia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine. updated final results, games, video

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Apart from team prizes there are also many other awards on Chess Olympiad. There are prizes for best result on each board and all team are divided on 5 equal subgroups A,B,C,D,E depending on average team rating. This gives chance for each team to fight with nearly same opponents in its subgroup and in case of success gain a cup, what is definitely important for local sponsors.

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15.08.2012 19:14

I was much surprises, observing how Ivanchuk when analyzing was able to spot most difficult moves immidiately, but he spent time on seemingly obvious moves, like recapture, reptreat with queen from attack, etc. Only after I realized, that it was this habit to question obvious moves instead of playing mechanically with hand, helps Vassily to find unexpected inbetween moves. For those who want to practice finding such moves, Vladimir Meleshko prepared this interesting lecture.

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02.06.2012 12:57

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Participated 52 players. Winner is Vitali Koziak (international master from Ukraine). Available games of tournament.

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15.05.2012 08:26

Any beginner knows that he shouldn't waste time in opening, but sometimes even experienced grandmasters break this rule. As a result the permanent advantage of better pawn structure vanished, and temporary advantage in development transformed into strong pair of bishops in the endgame and a point in table.

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30.04.2012 12:49

Kravtsiv Martyn tells about the details of Sicilian defense in his game played for the team of Ukraine on 26th Summer Universiade in Shenzhen (CHN).

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