17.03.2015 21:22

The article dedicated to 80-year anniversary of the honoured trainer of Ukraine, international master Viktor Zheliandinov. With best wishes from his students and colleagues chessplayers!

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05.06.2013 08:33

"Ivanchuk is a first class chess player. For instance, Gelfand and Topalov aren't such. Aronian is close to that but yet he hasn't entered that caste. Ivanchuk continues the tradition of the outstanding players who didn't become world champions, such were Keres, Korchnoi. Moreover, he even surpasses them in certain components as he for instance, overtook me and Karpov in the tournaments, while those mentioned before haven't outstripped the star players of those times.". Garry Kasparov

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Apart from team prizes there are also many other awards on Chess Olympiad. There are prizes for best result on each board and all team are divided on 5 equal subgroups A,B,C,D,E depending on average team rating. This gives chance for each team to fight with nearly same opponents in its subgroup and in case of success gain a cup, what is definitely important for local sponsors.

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02.06.2012 12:57

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12.04.2012 12:30

Before the start of Football Europe Championship, there will be held International Chess Festival "Euro Open" in Lviv (28.05 - 02.06.2012), which will include 2 open tournaments with total prize fund about 3000 USD. While participating in this tournament you can enjoy ancient Lviv and feel the atmosphere of Euro 2012!

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24.06.2011 20:29

In Saturday 25th June Lviv chess federation organized granmaster's blitz-tournament dedicated to 50th anniversary of Lviv youth chess school. 50 years ago Kart started to train little Marta Litinskaya, Oleg Romanishin, Alexander Beliavsky.

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30.04.2011 02:52

Andrew Slyusarchuk beat Rybka 4.0 in a two-game blindfold match!

Vassily Ivanchuk: I didn’t learn the details of this match. But if this man feels himself so strong, let him first play in Ukrainian championship or at least some regional championship and get some rating...

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10.01.2011 03:02

Festival’s program include 2 tournaments: round-robin with norm of international master, where 5 international masters are playing and children open with 43 kids.

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19.06.2010 03:02

Communication via internet is like watching football on TV. It seems comfortable, but lacks emotions that you feel on stadium. That's why I am happy, that my friends come to meet without monitors, play chess and visit my adorable Lviv.

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16.04.2010 03:27

Review about 12th DUBAI OPEN CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP and its winners. The article also includes many photos, a lecture on "Modern way to play openings" and the impressions of the eyewitness.

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23.02.2010 22:11

Summary article about performance of Zherebukh (on the photo), Kryvoruchko, Kravtsiv, Andrei and Yuri Vovk, Oleksienko, Grekh and Chulivska at one of most popular open - tournaments in Cappelle la Grande (France).

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13.02.2010 23:48

The first in our career mass trip of Lviv group abroad , was participation in tournament Cappelle la Grande in France. Having agreed it with organizers, I persuaded parents to support this trip. In 2005 with orange scarfs (exactly after Orange revolution in Ukraine) we triumphantly went to conquest the Europe!

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02.01.2010 00:40

On holidays we usually congratulate friends and give them presents. But we approach this matter in a chess way: will offer chess lovers a real diamond in 5 carats moves. The study of Herbstmann and Korolkov – believe us, is really precious one! Those who accept the challenge and solve it will memorize our present for long time!




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31.12.2009 23:53

There is a good tradition in Lviv to hold round robin tournaments with GM and WGM norm to memorize sport’s official Mykhailo Vasylyshyn. Here you can read about both tournaments and see many photos.

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