Vladimir Grabinsky
Vladimir Grabinsky

    Vladimir Grabinsky (15 January 1974) – Fide Senior Trainer, International Master, honoured trainer of Ukraine.

Sport results

    I learned chess at 10, and became a student of IM Viktor Zheliandinov. In 2003 Fide awarded me with title of International Master. I started to train pupils at 19, so I rarely had chances to play in tournaments, although I always loved to with pleasure.  My best result are: a tie for second place (together with grandmasters Baklan, Malakhatko, Hamdouchi, Chatalbashev, Vuckovic) at the open de Balagne in Calvi, France 2005. The first place was my student Yuri Kryvoruchko. One more tie for second was on open tournament in Guingamp (France 2007), the first prize went to Dejan Bojkov.

Trainer Career

    I graduated from Lviv State Institute of Physical Culture with speciality chess trainer (1990-1994). From 1993 I have been working in the Sports School of Olympic Reserve “Opening”. (12 of my students achieved the title of grandmaster. Among them are Andrei Volokitin, Yuri Kryvoruchko, Yuriy and Andrei Vovk, Mikhailo Oleksienko, Yaroslav Zherebukh, Martyn Kravtsiv, Nataliya Buksa, Vitaliy Bernadskiy, Vita Chulivska, Kateryna Matseyko and Myroslava Hrabinska (Yakivchyk). For 5 times I was chief coach of the Ukrainian Youth Team on championships of Europe (Turkey 2004, Montenegro 2005, 2006, Croatia 2007, Georgia 2014).


    In 2009 Fide awarded me the title of Fide Senior Trainer. Trained National Youth and Woman team of UAE. 


    Together with my student Andrei Volokitin, we wrote the book «Perfect Your Chess», which was published by Gambit in 2007. Later it was translated into 5 languages:

- How can you improve your calculation of variations? Can you recommend any book for that?

I'm afraid this might be seen as advertising, but I can recommend you the book "Perfect Your Chess" by Volokitin and Grabinsky. In my opinion it really is very good. Ruslan Ponomariov


Before a tournament I try to solve studies or positions. By the way, there have appeared some excellent puzzle books for high level of play. These are book by Andrei Volokitin and his coach Grabinsky "Perfect Your Chess", dutch-scotch GM Aagaard published few such books, I especially like "Practical Chess Defence". I always did this work, but now I am working more determined. Boris Gelfand


I can recommend a superb collection of exercises A Teach-Yourself Book for Child
Prodigies prepared by GM Andrei Volokitin and his trainer, master Vladimir Grabinsky.

I can recommend a superb collection of exercises "Perfect your chess" prepared by GM Andrei Volokitin and his trainer, master Vladimir Grabinsky. Mark Dvoretsky