Yuriy Kryvoruchko
Yuriy Kryvoruchko
16.10.2013 15:52

Winning the championship of Ukraine in 2013 was the biggest success in the career of Yuriy Kryvoruchko. He managed to score 7.5 out of 11 in the round robin with an average rating 2653. Yuri commented his best game against Martyn Kravtsiv from the memorable championship.

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07.01.2010 22:44

This game was decisive for right to play on World Cup 2009. Not so often it happens that important for sport result game appears to be really beautiful. Even more seldom one can win against player with 2600+ in 24 moves. Perhaps, for these achievements the experts of site chesspro.ru voted for this Blitzkrieg third rank of the best games played in May of 2008. This encounter was commented in many magazines and articles, but only on this site you can enjoy the exclusive analysis of international Grandmaster Yuriy Kryvoruchko.

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