Yuriy Vovk
Yuriy Vovk
05.10.2015 01:43

GM Jan Gustafsson takes us through some amazing chess played between Yuri Vovk (2617) and Wei Yi (2734) in the FIDE World Cup 2015.

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12.09.2015 11:58

Grandmaster Jan Gustafsson takes a look at the most spectacular Round 1 game of the FIDE Chess World Cup, played between the US-American prodigy Ray Robson and GM Yuriy Vovk from Ukraine.  

"The game of the day was, in my opinion, Vovk's excellent victory over Robson" GM Alejandro Ramirez.

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25.02.2014 02:09

Vovk Yuri said: "Why I really love this game it's a nice educative example how even a low number of well-coordinated pieces can launch a powerful attack on opponent's king". This game confirms Yuri Vovk to be a strong attacking player.

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10.02.2010 19:01

This game was played in spirit of best old masters games. If it were not date mentioned, one could really believe this is one of Morphy or Chigorin masterpiece. Firework of sacrifices, exceptional decisions and witty comments by Yuri promise you much fun!

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