Andrei Volokitin
Andrei Volokitin
14.08.2011 02:57

Knowing Andrei attacking style, many of his opponents try to find consolation and comfort in Berlin Wall. But they forget Andrei impressing victories in this line over Karjakin and Alekseev. So one more instructive lecture in Ruy Lopez, Berlin Defense (C67).

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26.01.2010 14:01

Andrei Volokitin is well-known team player. Gold of Olympiad, best result at 1st board in Bundesliga (with many top players played) and regular invitations to Ukrainian team - are best proves of it. Please look how easily he coped with his experienced opponent - in World Team Championship.

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14.01.2010 16:20

To your attention we offer the best game of Chess Informant 104. Representative jury found Volokitin’s game the best of the best. The winner commented this intensive battle in and details for the first time. Also Andrei shared with useful information about Slav defense, proving once again that he is one of the best opening expert in the world.

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