Chess Classic Mainz 2010
07.08.2010 01:46
New images from traditional tournament in Mainz (Germany) of rapid chess. Aronian, Grischuk, Karjakin, Shirov and of course Andrei Volokitin are participating. Thanks to Andreas Bonsen!
The starter before the tournament are simultans be chess starts. They play on 40 boards. The result of simul giver is percentage of points and the time spentThis time Anand finished with result +34 =4 -2 after 4 hours 23 minutesKosteniuk beated +16 =4 -0 for 3 hours 13 minutesWhen Anand could use in simul the power of his opening preparation, Alexandra had to create over the board. She played Chess960-SimultanWhile the champions battle their way out in simultaneous exhibitions, top players arrive to Hilton hotel. Spanish-Latvian GM Alexey Shirov will get into play tomorrow.The tournament symbolVlastimil HortNatalia Zhukova - 4,5 out of 5 at the first day!Alexandra Kosteniuk lost only to ex-FIDE champion Uzbek GM Rustam Kasimdzhanov.WIM Ghader Pour Taleghani Shayesteh (ELO 2218) from Iran hold a draw against talented Russian GM Vadim Zvyaginzev, who was one of the long-time students of Mark DvoretskyThe Lord of the fire - Alexey ShirovLevon AronianGata Kamsky is cold-bloodedAnna ZatonskihVugar GashimovWhose cap is luckier? Gata Kamsky vs Hausrath Daniel (Elo 2537)Sergey Karyakin beating Iranian GM Ghaem Maghami Ehsan (ELO 2585)Young mothers and chess children (Kosteniuk and Zhukova)Kamsky - Aronyan game is always a focal point of the spectatorsAlexander and Alexandra play hidingVugar against Viorel  and someone is to stop laughing soon enough! Azeri GM Gashimov and Moldovian GM BologanThings are under controlAlexey Shirov  to Robert Kempinsky: I see that you got the seventh rank importance!Grandmaster Klaus Bischoff comments with words, when Fritz supervisor gives exact assessmentAnand wonders: what else did this Volokitin invent?Born on 1990 - Sergey Karyakin and David Howell. Only Magnus Carlsen is missing.Almira Skripchenko lost to David Howell in the last round and missed the prizes section of the table.Sergey Karjakin + Andrei Volokitinfour tigersGata Kamsky awaiting for the first prizeFinal scores
: 48 | : 27336