European Youth Chess Championship - Batumi 2010
04.10.2010 15:34
FIDE trainers commission invited me to give lectures on seminar in Batumi, during Europe Youth Championship. Together with Mikhail Gurevich and Giorgi Khomeriki I shared my experience with my colleagues who wanted upgrade their qualification and obtain trainer's title.
The "Oasis" hotel - was one of championship's residences. Situated on the sea shore, it's a little far from civilization. Not all the rooms escaped soviet design, but the hospitality of personal smoothed that drawback. Guest for Georgian people is a friend.View from the balcony of my room. Generally, nature of Georgia resembles Crimea a lot. The sea, mountains, a lot of green.The hotel, where under 18 girls and boys played.The rest played in chess club, which turned out to be very modern and spacious.The coaches are the main basis of Ukrainian chess school success! Almost all our best trainers came to Batumi to help their students. On this photo there are masters: Alexander Kachur, Vladimir Grabinsky, Igor Trimbashevskij, Nikolay  Bodnar, Andrei Rakhmangulov, Alexander Alexikov. Beyond the picture were left Roman Khaetsky, Leonid Nikolaev, Alexander Prihodko.After communicating with locals, I got to know that they really respect their President Mikheil Saakashvili. He managed to defeat corruption and attract investments. The country is coming alive! If they made it in Georgia, we too have hope.The center of Batumi, like the whole Georgia, is under active reconstruction now. If they manage to keep this tempo, then after few years Turkey and Egypt will get a serious opponent.What was here before one can guess by the condition of some buildings. For example, by this chess club with a symbolic for Georgia name "Nona".Near the beach I came across the club of those who like to challenge their brains. They say that the set of chess and tables (similar backgammon)is a must in each Georgian family.Inside the buiding one can buy drinks and snacks, that is tea and sweets.It's interesting, that Batumi is birth place of musician brothers Meladze, chessplayer Bagirov, and also here were shooted episodes of famous Soviet movie "Love and Pegions"WFM Elena SemenovaGuliyeva Sabina IlgarWFM Korniyuk MariyaAnusca Madalina-MariaPalmitessa ChiaraSoubirou OrianeWIM Tsatsalashvili Keti (Georgia) - Winner in category Girls under-18WIM Kazimova Narmin NizamiWFM Gorozhankina JuliaGM Durarbeyli Vasif (Azerbaijan)- winner in category Boys under-18IM Bogdanovich Stanislav vs GM Ter-Sahakyan SamvelWFM Kulon Klaudia (Poland) - silver prize-winner in Girls Under-18IM Popilski Gil from IsraelNana Alexandria awarded prize winners of Europe Championship. Of course, small girls don't know that they get trophey from the hands of the player who made draw in World Championship match against Maya Chiburdanidze. As Nana wrote then- "this draw equalized me with the World Champion but missed the crown."Boys U8:
1.	Gadimbayli Abdulla Azar  8 points (Azerbaijan)
2.	Sargsyan Shant  7.5 points (Armenia)
3.	Shevchenko Kirill  7 points (Ukraine)Girls under-8:
1.	Andreeva Antova Gabriela  7.5 (Bulgaria)
2.	Goltseva Ekaterina  7 (Russia)
3.	Shpanko Nadiia  7 (Ukraine)Girls U12:
1.	Goryachkina Alexandra  8 (Russia)
2.	Osmak Iulija  8 (Ukraine)
3.	Haussernot Cecile  6.5 (France)U12 Boys:
1.	Ali Marandi Cemil Can  7.5 (Turkey)
2.	Shtembuliak Evgeny  7.5 (Ukraine)
3.	Paravyan David  7 (Russia)U14 Boys:
1.	Bortnik Alexandr  7.5 (Ukraine)
2.	Usmanov Vasily  7 (Russia)
3.	Giroyan Gary  6.5 (France)As a result our gifted boys and girls lifted Batumi podium for seven times (more than any other country!), thanks to their loving parents and professional coaches.  If only our authorities were as helpful. At least they take care to make visa for players and don't let them all come to Kiev for this. But right now they don't pay attention to such small detail...The place to give awards was majestic Sheraton. It was the venue place for both opening and closing ceremony. There are roumors it is owned by President Saakashvili mother. There are also being build such brands as Radisson, Hyatt and Hilton.
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