Vladimir Grabinsky
Vladimir Grabinsky
Tournaments heat
08.07.2010 12:34

Summer is a time, when people pack thinks for vacations and take sun bathes. For chess players it is hot tournament time. Here I will describe tournament lists and links, where our guys are going to heat up their opponents.

Yura Kryvoruchko and Vita Chulivska choose Greece for 3 years already. We used to say that Greece has everything, but now it also has crisis. But there is no crisis of sea or sun. Moreover it cannot affect the taste of Greek salad and the beauty of their islands. So, only Yuriy had started to play on first board of his club, he already beat such decent grandmasters as Bartel and Lupulescu. Significant game against Vassily Ivanchuk finished in draw. The details of the event are here.

The next destination of our Greek tourists will be beautiful island Crete. From 13 to 20 July they will play in the 2nd INTERNATIONAL OPEN CHESS TOURNAMENT RETHYMNO 2010.

And from 22 till 29th June they are playing in 3rd OPEN INTERNATIONAL CHESS TOURNAMENT PALEOCHORA 2010

Martyn Kravtsiv decides to show himself in other countries after India. It turned out to be success. So already in his first tournament in Haarlem (Holland) he won second place!

After he is expected to appear in 23.07 - 01.08 Pardubice (Czech Republic) and Young Masters (back in Holland)

Vitalik Bernadsky travels in another direction - Moscow. He plays for youth team of Ukraine on Dvorkovich cup.

Vovk brothers don't need any team, their family squad can cope alone very good! Brotherly duo will first compete in France from 10th July in Premier Festival International d'Echecs de Vaujany

After from 30th July in Martigny and next open-tournament in 2nd Soazza Weekend CHessOPEN (Switzerland).

The first one to open chess summer was Mykhailo Oleksienko. His first tournament is over, with second place won in traditional event in Voronezh. Next his destination is open in Pamplona (Spain).

Slavik Zherebukh's tournament plans include open in Dresden

17° Torneo Internazionale "Cittа di Campobasso"

Young Masters (Holland)

Eventually let mention the smallest but most mobile. Volodia Vetoshko chose the furthest route and won second prize in 9th DUBAI Juniors Chess Championship. This is one of most famous youth open-tournaments and I can accomplish words with some photos.


my great predecessors


chess Atlas 


got surrounded, but is not giving up


i didn't reveal them all secrets


the tree of sweeties


sky scrappers and fountains

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