Vita Kryvoruchko (Chulivska)
Vita Kryvoruchko (Chulivska)
Flashes in my life
09.01.2010 21:46
We are so fashionable! :)Meleshko N., Chulivska V., Grom O. They are the best friends since my childhood!Chulivska V. and Kart V.I with Andrey Grekh was fighting only for the first place in Poland's tournament!Chess give for our thoughts entirely different direction. It is so far from everything human... from doubt and despair... This game is so abstract,that's why it is soothing. Chess-world in itself, knowing no fuss, no death. It's helping. (E.M. Remarque)Can you guess where I am and who is with me?:)Grekh Andrey said:"Our street in my native town of Gorodok is the best of all,where live Tsimbryla I., Mursky R., Grekh A. and Chulivska V."!:)Chulivska V., Matvienko M., Grekh A.I have a gold medal of Ukraine Championship again (girls-2004)!Me,Grekh .,Vozovik .,leksienko .,Talmazan .,Bulakh O.,Berdiugina E.
(Peniscola 2002)The best friends are people who are happy with your success and are ready to share your problems. And nobody more!Thank you very much for our friendship!Gutsko ., Muzychuk ., Rohonyan K., Muzychuk M., Choba Y. and meMe and my daddy in Spain (Oropesa del Mar 2001)Poor coach! And we were laughing and laughing...I am 15 years old always! :)Our love to swim in the fountains came to us on Xalkidiki (Greece)!Me and my mummy in Spain (2002)I met with my godfather in Spain (Valensia 2002)Kostiuk T., Rohonyan K., Chulivska V., Kochetkova J.Where is Shepotilo???:)"If you was lucky, when you was a young man and living in Paris, then wherever you were then, it will be with you until the end of your days, because Paris is a holiday that is always with you! "(Ernest Hemingway)One of the happiest days of my life:) But one day in the life is one day, and during that time a lot can happen... (E.M Remarque)I am a superstar! :)I am the best of the best of the best! :)From right to left: Maiko A., Chulivska V., Meleshko N., Hrom O. and her two friends.She was my best friend in college!No comment:)I can not without you, Vita! You are a cool girl! :)"What are you doing?" :)Me and my sister on her wedding day!My godson - Sviatoslav! :)Is it true that I have a "little" toy? :)A "little" flower and me :)I try not to miss important events in my friends' life:)
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