Pavel Aronin
Pavel Aronin
05.01.2011 19:30

The visit of the famous chess trainer to the Holy City was an unexpected and pleasant surprise for the local chess fans. Here you can take a look at the pictures taken during his visit as well as ponder over some positions from his lectures here.

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30.06.2010 22:44

At first I thought I'm going to translate the whole trilogy, but I will refrain from doing so - it would just take me too much time. Instead, I translated my comments of the games with two other foreign participants, as well as the short closing ceremony part. I hope some people will still find it interesting, despite the time passed.

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28.06.2010 22:03

It's rare when all the experiences during a trip are so pleasant that you cannot tell which one you enjoyed the most. However, this is exactly the case with my trip to Lviv - I enjoyed the chess and the non-chess part equally. I hope you will find my story detailed enough and yet interesting.

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