Vitaliy Bernadskiy
Vitaliy Bernadskiy
07.04.2012 14:23

On open tournament in Brno (Czech Republic) Vitaliy scored 8,5 out of 9. That’s why it’s interesting that who chose the only draw game for commentaries instead of any of his victories.

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29.01.2010 14:36
For young Vitaliy Bernadskiy (1994), Vasylyshin Memorial was first tournament with GMs norm. One must acknowledge that he had absolutely no fear in such strong company, and played aggressively, not noticing high ratings of his opponents. His result 5 points out of 9 possible looks very solid. To introduce himself Vitaliy analyzed his amazing game against international master from Sweden. Already on 22nd move 2 black pawns got 2nd rank. Really spectacular game!
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