Kateryna Areshchenko (Matseyko)
Kateryna  Areshchenko (Matseyko)

        I adore competitions! Sports atmosphere, when many different people in some moment are united by same affair. Sport “friends-opponents”, heat of play, when you don’t know which would be the result (since in woman chess you never can assess position objectively). What I like the best in chess are long games, especially with old time-control of 6 hours. I even love feeling of tiredness after games.

         My father taught me to play chess when I was 6. Thanks to him I am still in chess. Important assistance I got from coaches: E. Lysenko (the best children chess coach in the world), Y.Privalov and V.Grabinsky.

          I won Ukrainian Championship of girl under 18 and took send place in Championship under 16. I got medals on international roundrobin tournaments, here are some of them:

  • 2nd place -  Femida Cup (Kharkov, 2006)
  • 2nd place – Vasylyshyn Memorial (Lviv, 2009)
  • 3rd place – STC WIM (Stockholm, Sweden, 2009 )

 I gained my last woman Grandmaster’s norm in 2006. At the same time gained my first norm of International Master.