Happy New 2010 Year!
02.01.2010 00:40

           Herbstmann A. Korolkov V. 1949

1.Nf8 e2 2.Ne6 e1Q 3.d8Q! Qxe6! Unexpected counterplay adorning the study. Not enough for the win was 3...Bxd8 4.Nc5+ Kb6 5.Nd7+ Ka6 6.Nc5+ with perpethual check or 3...Qe5+ 4.Nc7+ Bxc7+ 5.Qxc7 Qe8+ (5...Qxd5?? 6.Qa5#) 6.Qc8 Qe5+ 7.Qc7


4.Qxb6+! Qxb6 [4...axb6 5.dxe6; 4...Kxb6 5.dxe6 Kc6 6.Kxa7 Kd6 7.Kxb7 Kxe6 8.Kc6 Kf5 9.Kxb5 Kxg5 10.Kc6 white win]

5.Kc8!! Apotheosis! Black can’t avoid stalemating his opponent. 5...Qd6 So we wish you to enjoy as peaceful and happy New Year! 1/2

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